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Krisia Ayala




About me

Krisia Ayala is an interdisciplinary artist, illustrator, and art educator born in San Juan and raised in Cataño, Puerto Rico. She began her academic studies in art in 2007 when she attended the San Juan School of Visual Arts and Design @eapdpr. Here, Ayala earned a Bachelor’s degree in Image and Design, specializing in Traditional Engraving and Mixed Media printing techniques.

In her work, she uses digital and print media to expand and confront problems related to the parallels between human and bird migration as she explores the concept of being displaced from your natural habitat. In 2014, Ayala settled in New York City and earned a Masters’s Degree in Interdisciplinary and Digital Art Practices from City College of New York @ccny_mfa.

Through this program, she created international educational workshops to serve the children of Eastern Europe called: If you had Wings, Where Would You Go?. This experience informed her artistic work, which created a fusion of generative art, illustrations, motion design, and abstract cartography.

Ayala is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Design and Multimedia Arts at City College of New York. Some courses she offers are Experimental Illustration and Motion Design, and Visual Narrative.

Artist Books

Richard Roe: A Memoir of a Legal Person
Book by Tyler Coburn, Illustrations by Krisia Ayala

Homing Instincts, The only home we know. Artist Book, 2016


Pajareando por Puerto Rico, Artist Book, 2011
Featured Work          

Interdisciplinary Art

The Birds, The humans and The coast.
Screen print on Plexiglass, 2018

Homing Instincts, The only home we know. Artist Book, 2016


Migration Maps, Phyrogravure using Generative Art, 2015

Murmuration Installation, Test 1.
Created at the Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts Practice MFA 2015



Tu Partida y la Lluvia, Risograph, 2018

Bike Girl, Digital Illustration, 2014

Chango Llorón, Ink and Graphite on Copy Paper, 2019


Art Education

Precious moments with my students, 2015-2019

Graphic Desing Class, Riverdale EDF Camps, 2017

Creative Minecraft Architecture, ESF Camps, 2017